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森の中で木漏れ日を浴びる体験から着想されたパーソナルチェア。木造建築の梁のような太い支柱に 4 本の脚を差し込むプリミティブなフレーム構成。総重量は7.9kgと軽量で、容易に分解・運搬が可能。
A personal chair inspired by the experience of basking in the sunlight through the trees in a forest. The chair has a primitive frame configuration with four legs inserted into thick posts that resemble beams of a wooden structure. Weighing only 7.9 kg, the chair can be easily disassembled and transported.
It is made from sustainable processes, with the procurement of raw materials and manufacturing processes for the main components, such as main logging, sawing, processing, fabric weaving, and sewing, completed within a 10-kilometer radius.
Concept sketch from the early stages of the project. The design began with the imagination of lying on top of a taut tent.
The wood used for this chair is cypress. When I visited a lumberyard that handles this wood, I learned about the presence and properties of cypress, which is used as a building material. This learning is also utilized in the structure of the chair.
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