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このオブジェクトは2022年の8月10日 AM10:48頃、設置場所である表参道ヒルズの吹抜け大階段から南東に60mほどの距離にある、表参道の歩道の植込みで拾ったケヤキの枝からできている。この枝を、拾った時の姿のまま形を写し取り、素材をプラスチックに置き換え、2000本にコピーした。さらに凹凸を付けブロック玩具のように、同じ枝を無限につなげることができるようにした。
This object is made of a zelkova branch that was picked up at about 10:48 AM on August 10, 2022, at a distance of 60 meters southeast of this location, near the main entrance of Omotesando Hills. I copied the shape of the branch as it looked when I picked it up, replaced the material with plastic, and copied it into 2,000 pieces. Furthermore, like a toy block, the pieces of the same branch are processed so that they can be connected infinitely.
An original zelkova branch is a natural object that just happened to be there, and no other form of the same tree exists, and if someone had stepped on it before or after the timing of its discovery, it might have changed to a different form. In a sense, this branch is the product of chance, formed from the only intersection of infinite space and time. By duplicating it 2,000 times, arranging it regularly, and creating a large sculpture, I wondered if I could create an effect like a magnifying glass that would clarify the uniqueness of its existence.
Every intersection of space and time contains different conditions for “being”. Imagining them is also the minimal action of drawing the object out of the myriad of neutral, boundary-blurring existences and into human society. Not only the things which can be touched but also what is somewhere far away. What once existed and the possibility of what could exist in the future. We invite into our consciousness the possibility of the existence of all things and try to comprehend them as equivalent. What do the world and Omotesando look like from there?
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