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The Arahi Hagama is a stovetop rice cooker designed and developed to cook delicious rice at home. Ihara Seisakusho, a manufacturer of transportation equipment, industrial machinery and robots, uses its aluminium casting technology to cook rice with the heat of a household gas stove, to a level similar to that of a professional chef.
The distinctive wings around the body catch and guide the flames that go around the sides, transferring heat to the rice within. In addition, fins are placed on the bottom to properly support heat conduction to the inside of the pot while cooking.
During development, UO repeatedly conducted research on rice cooking, supervised by chefs and thermal engineers, verified hypotheses through prototyping and tastings. As a result, by increasing the thermal conductivity to the utmost limit and so reducing the time required to reach boiling, we were able to achieve a cooking profile unique to an aluminium Hagama – one that is chewy and fragrant as you bite into it, and different from the often soft and sweet earthenware-cooked rice.
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